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Originally Posted by Wecutgrass View Post
i have a redmax 7500 and i think it is awesome. All the blowers in that category are going to be relatively the same. I would go with the toro 21" commercial, i have one and it is very reliable. Why don't you look into the toro time cutter (i think thats what it is called) it has a 30" deck so that would make pushing those 25 accounts a little faster. just a suggestion.
Ok I will look into toro time cutter! I went by a dealership today and looked at Honda and exmark push mowers they had for sale. They said Honda was hydrostatic and exmark was belt. What's the pros and cons of that for each unit? Also he said exmark had 1 year warranty and honda 2 year warranty.

I also looke at the echo 770 blower. He said he will give me the 5 year warranty and it blows just as good as shindaiwa. Has anyone tried out echo 770.

Thanks for all reviews so far.
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