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i think it's stupid that people call and don't leave a message yet they expect a return call? if there's no message and a number not in my contacts i never return the call. how do i know the call is even about lawncare? it could be a wrong number or a sales call or anything. it's their fault for not leaving a message. if they want lawn service then they can take a few seconds to leave a message saying they were needing an estimate or whatever. that's what voicemail is for. you use it to leave a message. i'm not gonna stop in the middle of a job to return a call from someone i don't even know that wouldn't even take the time to leave me a message. if they leave a message i'll gladly call them between jobs or at lunch or at the end of the day at which time i could swing by their house to give the estimate. never go out of your way to please someone that might not even become your customer. you have to set your priorities. your steady customers come first no matter what. you do everything you can to keep them happy because they provide you with income. you don't drop everything hoping to please someone you've never even met that may not even accept an estimate you give them. if they can't wait a few hrs or leave a message so i can return their call then they can find someone else. that will be fine with me.
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