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Originally Posted by Valk View Post
How much is a new customer worth on avg to you all? It's a chunk of change for sure.

This is all a moot point if an LCO is not advertising or wanting new customers.

With noise reducing earbuds, my iPhone allows me to hear it ring when I'm working...even if I'm listening to music, it will interrupt the music. Taking a call provides an opportunity to score a new customer...perhaps one that wouldn't leave a message - for whatever reason.

The point of this thread IMO, is how to use your smartphone to get ahead.

One more time: If you need a particular part for your equipment and begin calling your local mower shops in search of that part...and you get their answering machine...would you leave a message? Or, would you just call the next shop on your list? I want a LIVE person to talk to...not some friggin' machine. Jeez.
Just a funny story. I has this lady call once. I was in the middle of a clean up blower raceing deep in the woods. I answered and ask her to wait. She was old and got all flustered and hung up. I get to the car close the door and Call her. She was still over taken by the back ground noise lol. What can you do. I don't always work out in the field but peple shoud expect the boss to be on site.
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