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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
From what a local dealer informed me the lift systems rate as this:

#1 Single lift cylinder mounted in the front (sort of a straight lift like some heavy dump trucks or semi trailer dumps)

#2 Scissor Lift - also was told this is a must for longer 14'+ trailers for stability reasons.

#3 Single or Dual Cylinder

Thats just from a local dealer and obviously the better the rank the more expensive it is. Their take on it was the single cylinder mounted on front provided the most optimal "pushing" position for heavy loads and was recommended for sand, rock, etc... Scissor is more stable and has more power in the lower position but lifts slowly at start. Either way it still dumps. I think the other things to consider are if it is Power Up/Power Down or Power Up/Gravity down. The power down just drains the batter quicker because it uses battery power to lower the bed. How the back gate functions (barn door, metering gate, single gate, etc..) If looking at a used trailer make sure it works, look for leaks, bends in the frame, cracks in welds. These things can get abused quickly!! I can't wait to pick up mine this year after selling my other two.
That makes sense about the dual piston not being as stable as the scissor lift. When full, mine would get really shaky once it got more than halfway up. Once it was up it was fine, but going up you could watch it really tweak side to side. Made me nervous a few times.....

On a side note, we FINALLY got enough snow to plow. I don't think I'll be saying we didn't have to plow until January 13th EVER again unless maybe I move out of Buffalo! Finally got to put the trucks to work!

Form the first storm on 1/13, no idea who's white Chevy that is, it parked next to me when we were inside getting coffee.

From last Thursday's storm 1/19

Hope everyone is having a good winter!. I got my plowing"fix" for the year, and I'm ready to mow lawns again!!!
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