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Originally Posted by kgflyboy View Post
I use an android phone. I have also owned iphones. They are both useful, and it comes to personal preference. If you have a Mac at home, it will be easier to sync some things if you use an iphone.

I definitely want to be able to return emails and calls while I'm out working. It seems like some people just hate change and don't like technology much. Ask customers whether they would rather you return their email/calls when you get them or when you get home. I think we all know what they will say. You can't underestimate how important customer service is in any service industry.

My favorite app for my phone is square up. I haven't used it much yet, but I'm planning on encouraging customers to consider debit/credit card payments this year. It will save me time and money because I won't have to drive to the bank with cash or checks as often.
for one i love technology and am not afraid of change. i'm always upgrading my computers and phones. but i'm still not gonna return emails/calls until i get home unless i want to.

as for the what the client wants in regards to emails and phone calls, well it's on my terms. when someone calls or emails i respond when i feel like it. never had a problem with doing it my way before.

Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
i think it's stupid that people call and don't leave a message yet they expect a return call? if there's no message and a number not in my contacts i never return the call. how do i know the call is even about lawncare? it could be a wrong number or a sales call or anything.

you don't drop everything hoping to please someone you've never even met that may not even accept an estimate you give them. if they can't wait a few hrs or leave a message so i can return their call then they can find someone else. that will be fine with me.
yep that is EXACTLY how i feel........

for me personally if i don't receive a voicemail (even if you are in my contacts) you don't get a call back. this goes for business, family and friends.

Originally Posted by Valk View Post
How much is a new customer worth on avg to you all? It's a chunk of change for sure.

This is all a moot point if an LCO is not advertising or wanting new customers.

With noise reducing earbuds, my iPhone allows me to hear it ring when I'm working...even if I'm listening to music, it will interrupt the music. Taking a call provides an opportunity to score a new customer...perhaps one that wouldn't leave a message - for whatever reason.
for me they aren't worth a dime until i'm hired.

even if i did return calls and emails while out in the field i certainly wouldn't stop working to answer the phone. shutting down the mower or setting down the shovel every time the phone makes a noise is nuts.

why do people think they need to be available 24/7. we aren't doctors. we don't provide life saving have to be done now work.

Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
forgot to mention my cell phone is also my personal phone. i don't have a land line of any kind. my cell phone is my house phone, personal cellphone, and business phone all in one so just because i receive a call doesn't mean it's about my business.
yes another very good point.
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