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i'd rather listen to an voicemail first because i'd like to be prepared for the call.

if someone calls and leaves me a voicemail wanting landscaping i would know to have my buddys number ready who does landscaping when i call back since i don't do landscaping. that way i'm not having to put there person on hold while i get the number.

sometimes people will actually leave me there address in a voicemail wanting an estimate. this will either allow me to know there location so i could tell them if i even work in that area when i call them back or i've been known to just do the estimate then call them back.

emails get answered in the evening after i've done my maintenance on my equipment and had dinner and showered. this is when i also return most of my phone calls.

returning phone calls and emails during the working day can add significant time to your working day. i'd rather work 8-4 and take phone calls and emails after that than work 8-5 because i spent time during the day with phone calls and emails.

in my opinion if you can't wait up to a day for a response then i'm not interested in working for you in the first place. like i said, this isn't life saving emergency work we do. most of the time our services are luxury services. and if you insist on an immediate response well then there are plenty of other LCO's to choose from.

i've had people call, leave a message and then call back an hour or so later. i've had people call me 8 times in one day never leaving a message. with me all of this is a huge pet peeve. after 2 or 3 calls in the same day with no message left, you are never gonna get a hold of me because i will make it a point not to answer the phone from that number ever.

call, leave a message and i will return that call.

call with no message, no call back.

call leave a message, then call back before i call you back. i'm more than likely gonna take my sweet time getting back with you.

call me multipul times in a day with no message. i will be ignoring your future calls each and every time.

i have been questioned a few times by people. one guy called me 8 times in one day. turned out to be a neighbor of an existing client, when i was over at my clients he came over and said he was trying to get a hold of me and called me multipul times. i simply told him if you don't leave a message i can't return your call. walked back inside and never heard from him again.

some people get upset and with others its like a light bulb goes off. "oh i never thought you'd be out working, i thought when i saw your add you were sitting by the phone waiting for people to call"
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