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Originally Posted by a clear difference lawn View Post
I live close to my accounts (my furthest is 8 miles) so I will do 3 days with one mower - then switch up and do 3 with another. We live in a townhome - so I cannot fit a larger trailer in the garage. I got a great deal on the 52" $4699 otd. I also had money from the sale of my other 34z so I was prepared to spend over $8000. I literally went to 10 different dealers looking at mowers over a two day period and - in my opinion - this machine offered the most bang for the buck for my particular needs. Remember, I only do half my route with the big machine (it simply won't fit on some properties) so I can get away with a more entry level commercial machine. I like it because it is light and short vs more industrial models. I can fit it on my 5 X 8 trailer with a 21". I always have a push on the trailer. Here is a pic with my full rig. The setup is exactly the same with the 52" mower on.
I'm very new to this. I just have a question as to why you do 3 days with one mower and then switch up? Do you do maintenance on the mower you take out of service. Again, newbie trying to learn.
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