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Originally Posted by JDiepstra View Post
Am i the only one who thinks its idiotic to shoot someone to protect their property? I mean, you have to be real messed up to do that. I have insurance to cover stolen property anyway. This year alone i have detained over 30 people for taking something that did not belong to them (aka stealing). Not once did i consider shooting them.
In my state you have the right to use whatever force is reasonable to stop someone from stealing your property. Can you legally shoot someone for walking off with a trimmer??? No. Would I do that??? No. But, I am within my rights to protect my property. That would probably mean yelling at the person to stop or giving chase and beating the person up or whatever to get my property back. BUT, it is up to the thief as to what happens from there. If he drops my item and runs away, it's over. If he turns and comes after me with a knife, pitch fork, or whatever, then all bets are off. Yes, I would shoot the person because my life is being threatened.
I don't care if I have ins or not. It's my property, and it's not free for anyone to take. Sorry. I work hard for my stuff, and I am not gonna just stand there and watch someone walk off with my stuff and say "have a nice day friend"
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