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Lol now I understand your reasoning. My bike is bone stock besides bars and sprockets & chains. Spending the money for exhaust and everything isn't worth it kuz you don't use the power unless your top 3 @ Lorretas speed, nor is it in my budget right now lol. I race C class, top 5 usually when I do race, which isn't too often nowadays. Me and my family would do 20+ races a year when I was 11-17 yrs old as well as my younger bros that are 3 & 4 yrs younger than me. Still have all our bikes and toy hauler tho!

I've had my fair share of injuries also. Dislocated my right shoulder into my back, cracked the humerous, and got knocked out all in the same crash back in 2004. Shoulder hasn't been the same since. Then in 2007 I broke my right thumb. As well as a few concussions.

I've had a 1999 LEM LX2 Super 50 (Italian brand), that was my first bike. Then a KX 60 in 2000-2001 then a KX 65, 2002-2003 then multiple Suzuki RM 85s (from 03-07) and now my current, Suzuki RMZ 250.

That should be sick, we have arenacross in Minneapolis at the end of February. Nothing compared to sx but at least its racing you can watch in person. I go to millville for the week every year for the pro national, hands down the best week/wknd of the year!
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