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On the zoysia by seed: DON'T do it! It is one of the slowest turf grasses to germinate and the germination rate is horrible. You are better off doing the next worst method of broadcasting shredded sod, then topping with either compost or hydromulch. The texture and appearance of the grass is also terrible. It is very coarse and not tight like how the selected varieties of zoysia are. It also is much more susceptible to dollar spot than the selected varieties. By the time you figure out what the post planting maintenance and water costs will be, sod is not that bad. Pinch pennies doing seeds or shredded sod, pay up for water, weed control, fertilization and redoing areas that do not take.

I have come to appreciate St Augustine because it is one of the easier warm season turf types to mow. Bahia is hard to mow. Centipede is not too bad. Then with bermuda and zoysia, those grasses do not look very good unless mowed low with a reel mower. I also notice that bermuda and zoysia need more attention paid to fertilization for an attractive appearance. Centipede is extremely picky about where it will grow. The soil has to be acidic, low in salts and well drained. Which leaves St Augustine. That will grow very well in most soils and does not want or need to be cut like a putting green. St Augustine is not a common turf type in my state. It is mostly zoysia, followed by seashore paspalum, then bermuda. Bermuda is a rare occurence in maintained landscapes here. Much of it was lost in the 1980's through the 1990's to Take All decline disease. At one time, many fine lawns were either Tifdwarf or Tifgreen. The old Emerald zoysia lawns established before I was even born survived and the new ones planted with El Toro zoysia made it.
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