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Originally Posted by ClippersLC View Post
I knew that question was comming... lol. Total after taxes, upgrades, the whole works i paid just under $72,000. $71,890 was the total I believe

Oakleaf - I originally wanted a Dodge 4500 but they didnt have any that werent stripped down work truck on the lot that day. So i got this one and made it into a 4500 so to speak. it has 1 extra leaf spring under the back on both sides in addition to the air bag over loads. I have it set up to pull just over 25,600 with the gear reductions and the air bag overloads. I'm told it will actually pull more but bending the axel tube becomes a concern with much more than that if a Gooseneck is hooked up in the bed. I doubt highly that I will ever pull more than 8 maybe 9 tons. Unless I have to rent a dozer one day. Im usually only pulling about 3 - 4 tons daily with just my trailer and equipment, plus if i have mulch or something else loaded up, but i did all the upgrades so that incase someone came to me saying "dude my truck is exactly like your yours and has the same everything and i can pull just as much as you" i can say smile and say "no its not , and no you cant!" lol. its a stupid pride thing i guess lol.
Are you gonna swap out the 68rfe for an Aisin tranny to complete the 4500 conversion....? JK, you probably won't have any problems out of the 68rfe no more weight than your pulling.
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