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Originally Posted by LibertyFarmLandscaping View Post
Are you gonna swap out the 68rfe for an Aisin tranny to complete the 4500 conversion....? JK, you probably won't have any problems out of the 68rfe no more weight than your pulling.
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Nah. Cause with the warranty I got when I blow the first tranny up, I'll know what to not do next time! Lol. This truck will rarely see more than 4 tons on average. Unless I have my goose behind it with pallets of sod, rocks, or a mini-x. I just got tired of always hearing "if your truck was a 3/4 you could probably pull it" so I bought one of the biggest and most loaded up Ton trucks the Dodge makes! Now I can say "are you sure you have enough to make a full load?" Lol
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