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Originally Posted by PK Mows View Post
"one guy called me 8 times in one day. turned out to be a neighbor of an existing client, when i was over at my clients he came over and said he was trying to get a hold of me"

Sooooo, you had a potential Customer who is the neighbor of an existing Customer who made a good bit of effort to contact you and because he didn't want to leave a message he wasn't worthy of being a Customer? I'd like to hear the conversation that guy had with his neighbor after all that. And all the other neighbor.
Originally Posted by Ticolawnllc View Post
I think that a lot of the guys that don't like customers that don't leave VM's are thinking in the maintenance biz. And I understand where they are coming form. Lots of customers out there are real jerks and not leaving a message gives them insight into what kind of customer they are.

We all know our area and how much work we can take on.

Good luck to every one. This will be my last post on this thread.
ticolawnllc hit the nail on the head.......

if a person i don't even work for calls me 8 times in one day without ever leaving a voicemail looking for an estimate, to me that gives me an idea of how that person will be if i work for them.

they clearly expect to get a hold of me immediately and i don't even work for them so they will certainly expect to get a hold of me immediately if i work for them.

my voicemail message clearly says if you wish for a call back please leave a message. so it is very clear, no message left, no call back.

i can't imagine the conversation he had with anyone went badly as i still work for the clients he is neighboring and i've picked up other neighbors on the other side and down the street. didn't seem to affect my business negatively at all. the others all left voicemails and waited for me to return there call.

i'm not looking to be top dog in my town. all i want is enough business to keep myself busy and enough money to cover my budget. i could care less what the other guys are doing. and so far i'm doing pretty good and i've said already. i'm getting pretty full for what i can handle solo. last season i had to turn away business.
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