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Hey it's been a while since I have been on here. We had great weather right after the new year. We hit some 60 days so we worked everyday until everything was down. We sure do kill it taking the lights down. I took pictures with a buddies Nikon but they didn't come out to hot and it was right before we were taking them down..bad timing..some bulbs were out.
I actually met with the clipper magazine people today to get ready for this years marketing. I need to get my postcards done in a the next few days for March already..sheesh..but the awesome thing she told me about was for 4k in November or October depends when I want to hit it, you get the front page of the magazine which hits 150000 homes in my wheel house. I thought that was a good deal. .16 cent post cards per 10k and they have another option for .11 postcard..that's all in..postage/print on glossy...if you can find them around your area it is the best bang for the buck I found...doing the post office postcards was a pain..and cost more then this option..just have to plan a few months in advance.or try now for the can get setup on a payment plan. which will be nice instead of all that up front.
This year I can't complain. We did the amount of worked I planned on..and left a bunch out there. Christmas Decor is popping up around here ..I heard you have to pay 50k to join?..sounds crazy?..I too would like to go Led ...but when I just don't like the white leds ..they just don't do it for me yet..but splitting up the c9 are a pain...but it is what it is....I wanted to post the article the paper did about us and a Christmas Decor around here but it is not available anymore on the web....I am in search of a 30' painters wasted so much time with a tow behind and learn..also about 9 timers crapped out on me...what a pain..won't use those anymore for sure....Going to Mexico first week of March then back to work..Now doing designs for landscapes for when we get back and in talks with a pool and lawns company selling their Lawn and landscape side..2012 is going to be another great year..cheers guys
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