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Originally Posted by NightScenes View Post
Hadco makes a sealed PAR 36 fixture. Oops, just realized you're talking about a sealed LAMP. Look at FUSA, they may have something.

Thanks! Yes they seem to have the correct bulbs.. $83.xx each though :/

I think no matter what we do, we're %@#$^d on this job. Was a $2500 job with 13 lamps/11 being well lights. First residential LED job we did and of course most residentials are all well lights.

After the 12 Par36 LEDs we ordered - they're going to go bad quickly... they can be replaced but we'd have to install a lot of par 36 enclosed fixture/sealed lights to use them up, that cost cant be recouped.

Options are 1. sealed LED par 36s for about $935.00, go back out and reinstall all the new bulbs

2. Somehow seal the top of each bulb with a cover/silicone

3. install $20 covers/lens on the well lights and take off the grate covers.

4. Refund difference back to all halogen lights- and maybe not an option if he insists he wants the LEDs.

We already have to change out one mr16 that burns too "yellow" a 3-4000k color vs the well lights ordered were 5000k color but look more like 6000k.. not a big issue since that bulb is ina Unique sealed in ground fixture.

At least i know for next time to totally steer clear of well lights and LEDs in general.
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