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Originally Posted by Steve Atkinson View Post
Take a look at the new Brilliance LED PAR36 lamps. Completely sealed for those canlight applications where the lamp is open to the atmosphere and moisture. We have three wattages (5-9-13) three beam patterns (15,30,60), and 6 colors (WW, CW, red, green, blue, amber). These high-quality units carry a 5-year warranty and are perfect for your application.

Our website has a state map showing distributors near you.
Thanks, getting prices from Shemin & JD landscapes... by their photo online, id assume they're expensive too, they look high tech compared to that plain jane ones we have. Ill have to upload a photo here so you can see the difference. We paid $34~ each for these.

One looks "dirty" after almost having a flood nearly a few weeks ago.. this one was definitely "under water" , yet 5 look that way and only this one does this. Another has 3 diodes out, but not "HALF" like this one. Two others were off, took them out, inspected, reinstalled and work fine now ? Another picture is when new and the one in a fixture is of a Unique Big Bang Brass sealed fixture, id assume this one would last forever!
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