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Originally posted by Grassmechanic
Plants and lakes cannot tell the difference between different sources of nutrients. Mike
Mike, I'm no chemist, but there has to be a difference between organic, and man made fertilizers. Organic fertilizers offer slower release and less potential for burn. Anytime you return naturally occuring components to the soil I would have to think that's better than man made chemicals.
I know they cost considerably more, but over a period of time they outperform conventionals, with less potential for damage. I understand the higher cost of synthetics may not sell in all areas, but I think anyone who turns their nose up at them is going to miss out. Educate customers on why they're more expensive, and many customers will be willing to pay for them. Especially in a field as competitive as lawn care, anything you can do to seperate yourself from the masses is to your benefit.
Just my thoughts anyway.

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