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Please delete previous post, I edited that one but took too long.

I love my classes (landscape) at the school I'm going to. I look forward to school every day, no joke lol.
Big injuries like that are the only thing that can scare me into quitting. Did you hear what happened to Trey Canard this wknd @ L.A. supercross?

And yeah the atmosphere at the track is awesome, especially back when I was younger, hanging out on Saturday evening into the night after Saturday morn-afternoon practice, it was practically heaven, just chill as ****. And I'm competitive as hell so the more bikes and faster guys the better. Nothing gets your blood pumping more than being on the starting line waiting for the previous race to get done, then the white checkers comes out for the winner, red light turns on (or 2 min board depending on what track your at), bikes get fired up, a minute or so later, yellow light (30 second board), green light (board sideways), then 30-40 4 strokes wide open and the gate drops. There isn't a better sound in the world either. Sry for the rant but its pretty frickin awesome haha.

Yeah I got some of it. ill PM em to ya when I go on my computer, out plowing now. I got a couple on my fbook page too if ya wanna see some there too.
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