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Switching to Natural Gas

In recent weeks, I have been seriously contemplating a conversion of my truck and my big mower to natural gas. In my first season back in the lawn business, I now fully understand how my profit margins are affected by the fluctuation in gas prices and started looking for alternatives.

Natural gas seems to be a viable solution.

Pros: About half the price if you are buying gas @ $3.30 and the price doesn't fluctuate as much as gasoline. I can still keep my existing gas tank and use it if I cannot reach a station near to me. Natural gas runs keeps engines cleaner increasing the longevity and bypassing certain fuel problems that can occur. 100% of my money will stay in our national economy. I can also receive a nice, hefty tax credit for switching. I could also use this as an advertising ploy to possibly increase sales for the greenies. From the information that I have picked up, it's just as safe as using gasoline.

Cons: $3500 to convert my V-8, and about $800 for a 27hp Kawasaki. There are only three gas stations in the Indy area that I could fill up. There is also an inevitable learning curve by switching and some unknown problems that might arise.

What do you guys think? Am I in over my head? Can you think of something that I haven't?

Any input is greatly appreciated.
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