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Originally Posted by Ramairfreak98ss View Post
Thanks! Yes they seem to have the correct bulbs.. $83.xx each though :/

I think no matter what we do, we're %@#$^d on this job. Was a $2500 job with 13 lamps/11 being well lights. First residential LED job we did and of course most residentials are all well lights.

After the 12 Par36 LEDs we ordered - they're going to go bad quickly... they can be replaced but we'd have to install a lot of par 36 enclosed fixture/sealed lights to use them up, that cost cant be recouped.

Options are 1. sealed LED par 36s for about $935.00, go back out and reinstall all the new bulbs

2. Somehow seal the top of each bulb with a cover/silicone

3. install $20 covers/lens on the well lights and take off the grate covers.

4. Refund difference back to all halogen lights- and maybe not an option if he insists he wants the LEDs.

We already have to change out one mr16 that burns too "yellow" a 3-4000k color vs the well lights ordered were 5000k color but look more like 6000k.. not a big issue since that bulb is ina Unique sealed in ground fixture.

At least i know for next time to totally steer clear of well lights and LEDs in general.

No offense but maybe you should steer clear of outdoor lighting. 5000k on the front of a resi home? I cant imagine how awful that home must look at night
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