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Originally Posted by S&MLL View Post
Would be good in a prison, or maybe a junkyard. Although I don't know many junkyard that would pay for something like this. Maybe make it with quick connects and you might have a good market with the temp fencing company's. 1800rentafence. And those kind of outfits.

Steve Im trying to think of a scenario where that would be an "easy" sell....... Im just drawing a blank.
It's mainly for commercial properties with perimeter security concerns. Often times the general area lighting (parking lots esp.) doesn't extend to the property's perimeter fence. General area lighting is very wattage-intensive - lighting an entire perimeter with less than 200w saves a boat-load of money.

There are also large high-end residential properties with perimeter concerns.

Initial interest is high among security companies who face problems using security cameras in perimeter areas.
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