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Originally Posted by steveparrott View Post
It's mainly for commercial properties with perimeter security concerns. Often times the general area lighting (parking lots esp.) doesn't extend to the property's perimeter fence. General area lighting is very wattage-intensive - lighting an entire perimeter with less than 200w saves a boat-load of money.

There are also large high-end residential properties with perimeter concerns.

Initial interest is high among security companies who face problems using security cameras in perimeter areas.
I see where your going with it. Maybe because you have it pictured on chainlink and barb wire(am I imagining the barb wire?) But I see zero use for this at residential. Not one of my clients have chain link around their property.

Am I being to narrow minded with the pictures? Is this intended to server other purposes besides only being mounted to chain link?

I think the idea is great. Wish I could find a way to incorporate it into my list of services.
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