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Lip on SRW Blocks Not Important?

So we're in the process of constructing an SRW right now. About 100' long. At the highest point, it's 4' tall, including the footing. But most of the wall is 3'6" or less. We're using Anchor Wall Blocks (as pictured below). These blocks have a lip on the back of them, like many SRW blocks do. And as we were constructing the wall, the workers noticed a fairly high percentage of blocks where that lip was broken off by more than 50%. So we started setting those aside and just kept using the good blocks.

After a while, we ended up with almost a full pallet of these blocks without full lips on them. So we called our supplier to ask for replacements. And here's what surprised me. I guess I just never knew this before. I wanted to vet it with all to see if you concur with what they told me.

What they said was that the lip on the back of these blocks is unnecessary in terms of structural integrity. They said that's just there for lining up the blocks, nothing more. They assured me that the SRW walls are still totally stable structurally just because of the batter and the weight of the blocks and the proper construction techniques (drainage, batter, footing, foundation, etc.) alone. The lip isn't part of the equation.

That's something I never knew or hadn't ever heard before. Can any of you concur with that statement? Is that true? The lip isn't totally necessary for anything except just to align the blocks a step back for batter?

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