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Originally Posted by Gilmore.Landscaping View Post
Did you put the edge restraint in to retain the bedding sand?

Whats with the natural stone caps on the precast walls?

Are you using epoxy or mortar to attach stone to steps?

Layout and Designs look pretty good, Few details need to be cleaned up but looks good so far.
1. Edging restraint always has the 1" sand held back with 1/4-1/2" of bottom of pavers bumping into it after final compaction, with the soil/ mulch packing in the rest of the paver block. I can't stand the guys that put edge restraint on top of sand only holding pavers back... eventually the blocks settle and then the black edging starts to show and rise up over blocks.

2. The stone caps are actually concrete caps made by Reading Rock here in Cincy. It's want customer wanted and looks better than seeing the blocks underneath with the joints showing. IMO

3. Epoxy Adhesive. With the changing weather here its stronger and flexes with the temperature changes unlike mortar, would just crack and break down after time.
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