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Hi Steve. You mentioned use along commercial perimeters to aid in security camera visibility. The thing is, most better quality outdoor security cameras I have ever seen include IR LEDs and IR sensing cameras. If the security cameras are not low light or IR sensing, then would it not be more cost effective for them to simply upgrade the cameras?

Also, with the current design of the bracket & stem, how would these be wired? Would you just snake the circuit wire through the fence, or zip tie it? What about connections etc? With infrastructure so visible and accessible, would it not be easily circumvented by anyone with a knife or cutters?

Finally, you mentioned that there are many cases where installed 'general lighting' does not reach to the perimeters of the property. I would suggest in many of those cases that the wrong pole top fixtures have been specified. Often these situations can be solved by switching out the lamp or lamp and reflector combinations and using different IES distribution types. Something which may be more cost effective than adding a secondary perimeter lighting system.

The rendered effect is quite compelling, and I can see where there would be some market for it. Success will hinge greatly on the installed cost. One thing I have learned about commercial outdoor lighting, unless it is absolutely 100% necessary, it is most often nixed because it is perceived as a "non revenue generating expense". Of course our task is to convince the bean counters and owners otherwise.

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