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First of all, this is a site you just built? Wow! This is a fantastic example of a very professional looking and yet simple to build website! Well done. For a new site, just starting out, this is excellent. Not perfect. But given where you are, this is a great start! Other LCOs here should contact you and find out what company you used to create this website. This is a whole lot better than a lot of the other template made sites I see here on Lawnsite every day. My first impression is very good. It makes your company look bigger and more professional than you probably are - and that's always the goal, IMO. Your site should always give off an even bigger impression of your company than you are. Then people will automatically assume you're more established and have more expertise.

Now for a little critique...

I think the North Texas Lawnscapes logo on the top needs to be worked on. Find a good graphic designer to make you a more impressive logo. Check out or . You can find really good graphic designers at those sites who can create a really nice logo for you for as little as $50 or $100.

The logo on top should be more prominent on the page, too. You want people to remember your image...your company name....your logo. Right now, it doesn't stand out very well.

I agree with Mario that the big white box sort of gets in the way of the main photo. I'd ditch that, although it is kinda cool. I'd still get rid of that. The big photos hiding behind that box are really nice. Show those off!!! Keep the small little photos on the bottom left that turn into menus as your mouse goes over them. That's cool! But ditch the big white box. It gets in the way and is a little annoying.

The phone number is almost impossible to see and to find on the page. Figure out a way to make it stand out more and easier to find.

I agree with Ringahding too. I, too, use Firefox. And the text on those sub pages are too close to the edges. Minor deal. But that will need to be addressed at some point.

Otherwise, there's not much more I would change. This is a really good, basic, professional looking site.
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