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Originally posted by LawnMagic1
I think using organic fert. is a great idea. There are so many burn potential, increased microbial activity in the soil to eat away that thatch, less N runoff. But there is the cost issue too if you are trying to get a full lb. of N down.

I'm thinking of using Nitroform 34-0-0 next year. You can put down 2-3 N in one application and not get burned. There is that initial cost again $28/50lb. bag, but hey...your done with granular applications for the year.
If you're going to be "into" organics then you need to lose the 12-12-12 mindset. That number is the immediate, water soluable formula and as such doesn't apply to organics. Remember that organics are MOSTLY physical materials that must be broken down by the soil organisms to become plant usable nutrients.
Despite never putting down even 2lbs of nitrogen (according to the chemical fert standards), by organics always looked noticably better than the chem lawns. ALways greened up earlier in the spring too, despite NO early spring app.
Problem now is there is a LOT of BS "organic" material out there. Just cause something is made of "organic" materials doesn't mean it's worth a hoot as a fert. Lot of science in this too.
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