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Mike & Randy - let me clarify. We are in the business of growing grass. Grass does not care where it's nitrogen source comes from. We are in the business of manipulating grass for whatever reason, be it a lawn, golf course, etc. To get the proper # of N to grow healthy grass, you will use a lot more organic fert. The basic difference in organic vs. "chemical" fert. is in the amounts of nutrients available. Organics do supply microbes, but only those that have not been processed for safety in handling i.e. Milorganite. Also of note it that some organics have offensive odor. Am I going to use an offensive smelling fertilizer on one of my millionaire accounts? Not if I want to lose the account. If we were to treat only the soil and not the plants, we would be using compost on every lawn and mulching, not bagging, the clippings. We would also be mulching the leaves into the lawn and not removing them, either. This may be realistic for some, but not others. Fertilizer will NOT kill soil microbes, if it did, it would be labeled as a pesticide. BTW, I do have a strong background in chemistry (4 yr) and soil science (2yr).

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