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Main thing, turn on the Permalinks under settings and then give your pages meaningful names. (tip use lowercase letters and hyphens to separate words). This makes it more seo friendly, and look better. Example:
instead of:

And I agree about the white box on the home page. 1. things are not properly aligned within it, so really stands out that it is not a single "object" on the page, some of the the text runs out the bottom, and the button has solid background corners which stand out.

Some other things, mainly color schemes with text, were bothersome, but I looks like you may be updating that as I was typing this and checking out the site.

Running WordPress, make sure you at least once a week log into it and apply any updates. Also make sure you have a way to keep a backup of the files/database.

If you do decide to keep prices, i would suggest a disclaimer such as: "Prices listed are general base prices, but we reserve the right to adjust due to special care needs at your location. Prices are current as of January 26, 2012" (do NOT use an auto updating date here).

Lastly, I don't know where I clicked to end up there, but at some point I noticed I was at instead of

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