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Originally Posted by M & L View Post

so im going to ne grows with big irish. i thing we are taking the train from tf green. there is a park and ride on airport rd if we want to meet there and pay for one vehicle to park at the new train station.

I missed the crown show, any body go?

As far as the RI contractors board. the way it was explained to me by two people in the office was = if you do anything other than mow trim blow prune or maintain what is there you need to be registered. I asked well what about mulch. they said if you cut new or create mulch beds you have to be registered as its considered contruction.

Im registered, i think it helps sell when you can tell people you are registered.

Is that property the same ne as the guy on CL trying to rent open space down there? Sounds good. Could be a co-op thing.....

Al, i think i was in your hood the other day droping off some ice melt to one of my customers. whats wit that big chunk of land off nl tp. old sand pit?

Ferris, hows that email list coming?

I pretty sure you can cut new beds, technically the problem comes in if you put timbers in to line the bed or some other kind of edging - it was explained to me by the same office that if it grows, you can touch it.
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