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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
LOL - ok, please pardon my Lingo, I'm a Diehard Jeeper. And with the Old CJ's we call a certain style of hard door - "1/2 doors"!

Somewhere on JCB's website they show a pic of a machine with an enclosed cab. All the glass, etc.

Then there is another pic of a machine with NO glass. It has a steel mesh door on it that looks like the 1/2 doors on the Jeeps.

Our CAT has an enclosed cab, but it's only to be used for moving snow. This is my personal preference (I'm not asking if anyone agrees with me or not), but I do not think it's right that I sit in the machine on a 103-degree day (which is very realistic here in MD) with the A/C blowing on me, while the guys are humping 486 pound wheel burrows up a hill all day long in the blazing sunlight. (yes, Mr DVS does have a compassionate side)

So at the Techo show when I saw the enclosewd glass cab, I thought to myself "we can't have an enclosed glass cab and I dont see where the windows slide open enough to allow a breeze to come through"

And then upon further review I see where you can have an open cab, it kinda reminds me of the ROPS on a Log Skidder.


Do you still drive a jeep?

I might be the only landscaper that drives around in their JK with the doors off to do quotes and estimates. Much rather drive it around than a truck. Better on gas, easier for doing 7 U-turns when you're looking for a house on a street with no numbers.
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