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Barricade ( prodiamine ) long soil residual

Barricade has the longest soil residual of all the dinitroanaline herbicides, 2 sequential applications at .38 lb active/ acre will give extended coverage well into summer and discourage some summer broadleaf annual weeds as well.

Dimension is in the pyradine class of chemistries, it has pre / post capabilities. The pre-emergent qualities are very good and it will control crabgrass in the post stage from 4 leaf to 1 tiller effectively.

Together they are a good strategy, barricade early as the first treatment at .38 lb / acre from 2nd week march - 1st week April date range. Then dimension at .25 lb /acre rate about 4 - 6 weeks later, date range late April - end may.

At these rates with the specified date ranges mitosis of the desired stand will not be affected.

Dave Stuart / MA plant physiology, soil science.
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