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Originally Posted by Michael Geist Yard Works View Post

I can assure you that there is a market for that service. The question is are you willing to accept the type of customers that come from mowing only accounts. Since you state you have only a mower I am assuming you do not have a edger or weedeater and blower?
If you had those items you might be able to create a premium small customer base willing to pay not have the large commercial mowers on their lawns. This way you could make a affordable wage per hour. Without being able to do the basic things like edging and weedeating you will find yourself getting accounts that want to pay very little and not on a consistent basis.

If you can gain access to those tools you should be able to gain 10 accounts easily at a min of $80 a month for a monthly total of $800. If not you will be doing work for cheap accounts whenever they call, which maybe every two weeks or every three weeks - which of course is going to require more work on your part but they will not want to pay for your extra efforts.

Thanks Michael.

You are correct about me not owning an edger, weedeater, or blower, although I do realize the importance of having these basic items, so I'd probably look to purchase them early on.

Another thing I'd be worried about is the image that would come with showing up to accounts with a mower sticking out of the back of my car. It seems like many homeowners look down on these sorts of laborers, people with no signs, shirts, or phone numbers to be seen anywhere on their person or truck (car in my case).

What's your opinion on that? Will I be scoffed at or belittled at first glance when the homeowner sees me drive up?
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