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Originally Posted by John From Florida View Post
Tough as in difficult to make a living doing lawncare?

Is this accurate in your opinion when compared with northern states? I'm considering doing lawncare part time during college and maybe going full time after graduating. Would I be wasting my time? I doubt this can be entirely true. Some have got to be making it OK. I eventually want to start a family - can I support a small family in this field?
Um with gas at $4 a gallon and people don't even want to pay $20 a cut I'm having trouble justifying it myself. I just purchased used almost new equipment in Indiana and moved back down. I used to mow for $60 a month in 2004 and people don't even want to pay that anymore. But gas is 3x higher than 2004. Plus living cost are much higher probably 25% since 2004. I'm own a home outright that we bought here from selling our home up in Indiana and my wife works locally here now. I'm just doing it to get out of the house and hopefully make $25k a year. But I have my reservation of even being able to clear $25k a year with 60 accounts. I only have 6 accounts at this time. I just moved here 3 months ago. I'm spending $300 a month on paper ads and such. I have a large ad also locally here too. But only 1 call in 3 months. The rest are neighbors. You can even see me all over google. I started 5 websites to get coverage. No calls still.

Type in "Florida suncoast lawn care" in Google you will see. I'm in adwords on the right also. But still no calls. It's amazing. Glad I bought a 2010 Bad boy zero turn for $2k instead of $6k and such. And my enclosed trailer for $600.
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