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Originally Posted by John From Florida View Post
Yeah, the problem now is that a four year college degree is worth what a high school diploma used to be.

I don't agree, you have to do your home work before going to college and determine what fields will be hiring and paying a living wage. Not surprisingly these are fields that are more difficult to get a degree in.
Many people get degrees in fields that are doing little hiring or do not pay well because they require less effort. My son will be graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and already has an employment contract and will be starting his career immediately upon graduation. Over 80% of his initial classmates baled after the first semester 3 years ago. He will be earning more than the old man annually. We are not victims we have to be responsible for our success and failure.
I do agree with that, however, upon entering into college there was nothing in the hard sciences or more concentrated fields of study that interested me. Majors in the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences were what I wanted to study, and unfortunately the same ones that yield less employment opportunities upon graduating.

Putting aside the issue of college, is it reasonably possible to make a living doing landscaping in Florida?
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