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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
hang in there.. its still slow this time of year and will continue to be slow for several more months down here. grass just doesnt grow this time of year and wont till the rains come unless they have sprinklers...

Thanks. Oh ya I know it's slow. I just can't seem to find anyone that wants to pay. They want $15 a cut like the prices from 1985. all the pill heads working for beer money have basically torn it way down. There are guys with riding mowers that drive around knocking on doors for $10 a cut. LOL. I had them mow my lawn when I moved down the first day because it was tall plus I had been awake for 2 days straight. LOL. I will eventually be ok. I will pick up some crap one for awhile and then drop them after I get up to about 50 accounts. I know how it works. But man it seems much worse than it used to be. No calls and the prices are unreal.
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