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Originally Posted by 417lawncare View Post
Yeah I need a stand on for previous said reasons, so why vride over Pro V. I know the turning mechanism and speed are different but what else? Is the vride really worth the extra money compared to the Pro V with attached RSS ride behind? Just for extra speed ill end up paying $1,200.00 more with the vride with stated facts I dont know if its worth it. Remember I'm getting the Pro V for fleet price because of Scags Promo along with the 48 months at 0%. This makes my monthly payment on the Pro V $120.00 and the V Ride 145.00 if the V Ride is $6,975.00 which is an online price my dealer can match.
The vride platform has springs which cushion bump, a knee pad to lean into which is comfortable, compact, easy to see everything around the mower. I can't tell you what $1200 is worth to you. I can say to me its well worth it and the trend in the market is vride over a pro v.

Unlike some with opinions I have put money in buying the product, using the product. I wouldn't buy a w/b unless its a 36" or smaller mower.

I can't really explain more. Go try them both and I think you will understand why most are buying the vride.
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