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Originally Posted by jbailey52 View Post
It's strange how people just know how everything works for other people. Our 2 last duramax 2500's I bought new. 0% for 72 months. I got my pricing before they knew if I was paying cash or financing. I always go to 3 dealerships and tell them I am buying a truck, what's your best cash price. Hasn't wronged me yet.( except with the 6.0 ford diesel.... P.o.s.)

Regardless of what you negotiate, certain aspects of zero percent financing can't be negotiated.

They don't offer the same rebates, etc... when you get the zero % financing.

You might still qualify for a dealer cash rebate, in which they will just add to the bottom end.

A dealer will not sell you a new vehicle at a loss, neither will the manufacturer.

Just like you won't install a drive well below your cost and tell the customer they can pay in 2 years.
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