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Originally Posted by JoJo1990 View Post
Before you go beating me up, hear me out. It goes without saying that trying to educate your customers that the natural/organic/organic based program they signed up for does not show the traditional 'synthetic' results as far as quick green-up and dandelions curling in hours. It baffles me how folks will pay a little more for an organic program but then don't want to spend any extra on aeration and especially overseeding.

When dealing with a new customer or a yard that has been over run with a dense weed population, I like to give the customer several options. If there is over 50% weed cover, it's obvious that they need to be addressed before the aeration and seeding.

Imprelis is out of the question. Other reduced risk herbicides like Tenacity and Quicksilver seem like options that have less of a footprint than say a more traditional 2,4-D product. Fiesta needs too many applications and is too inconsistent for me to use.

Do any of you offer something similar to your customers to get the weeds under control first and then spring into your organic program? Which herbicides do you offer?
As a supplier, we offer organic, natural and transitional programs. IMO if you are starting with thin turf & more than say 25% weeds, a transitional program is a good starting point for clients who will not tolerate slower results. Such a program may include an organic or organic based fertilizer with chemical pre-emergent followed up with organic and/or organic based fertilizers and/or soil inoculents with spot treatment post-emergents.

Lawns on Organic and/or organic based fertilizers do out shine synthetic ferts and it doesn't take as much time as many believe to green up. Any program (synthetic or organic) which includes seeding & areation provides better results.

We've seen good results with 2 spot treatments of Fiesta in spring. Ohio State
University study with one blanket treatment of Fiesta at 1/2 rate followed with one spot treatment 4 weeks later provided very good results. Another university study rated Iron HEDTA equal to a 3 way product for weed control & turf quality.
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