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I'm to too far from you. I'm in Northern Berks Co just south of the blue mtn. I'm brand new but I'm starting up this spring. I worked in construction for a few years out of college. I was a site superintendent in Savannah GA then moved home to PA to work as a project manager for a commercial construction company. I then took a job teaching wood shop and Drafting at a local school district, but was laid of after 2 years. I'm now teaching shop class in Schuylkill county. Money is real tight for me these past few years since becoming a teacher so I thought I'd give this a go for some income during summer. I was doing side jobs in construction but it got too risky for me. I'd have several thousand dollars invested in a job and if a customer decided to stick me, I'd be out too much money and I simply can't afford that right now. I'm hoping property maintenance will be a better way to go. This way, if a client sticks me, I'm only out a few gallons of fuel and an hour or 2 of my time.

Good luck this season, keep me posted as to how business is going for you out that way. The guy I bought my ZTR is down near you. I'm not sure of his company's name but he does a lot of weekly accounts in your area. He was a real nice guy
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