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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

There is real money in the green industry but Grass cutting and Bush trimming is not where the real money is. Grass cutting can be a great lost leader for the more profitable SKILLED SERVICES of the green industry. Some people do make a survival wage cutting grass, but Grass cutting takes the least amount of education and every out of worker carpenter is cutting grass.

Landscape design and installation can have HUGE markup. Successful installers of course need both Design Education and People talents and are rewarded for it. Irrigation once again is a skilled trade with a higher profit margin as is Pesticide application on lawns. Once again these are skilled areas of the green industry and areas you might want to target instead of Grass cutting.

I agree with you that if possible to expand into other areas it helps increase your chance of making money while "Just cutting grass" while at the same time I do not think it is impossible to make a "good living" just cutting grass. Now that does not mean to imply that I think everyone who grabs a mower is going to make what I would call a good living, but maybe it is a good living to them I don't know. I do however know that I make more than I did ever working for someone else while applying my college degree. I also do so in fewer hours than I would working for someone else and best of all I write off a large number life expenses that also happen to fall within reason of running a business.
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