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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Fix the soil
Kiril, by fix the soil, I am guessing you mean kill the existing lawn, and rototill with some organic matter (compost) essentially ammending the soil to a loamy healthy type that will actually drain properly as opposed to the clay i have now?

I admire my neighbor to the rears lawn. They have a landscape crew come every wednesday to maintain it. That being said, when I went out to take pics in the rain the other day, I was surprised to see all the standing water as seen in this pic behind the fence. I mean, their lawn looks healthy, and still holds the water.


Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
This is assuming you can run the water this way. This can be done with a small trencher. The hardest part is getting rid of the excess soil. That pine tree need's to go. It look's like it's in the way of the drain. You can lose all that river rock on the ground. They were put there to cover up bare soil. The catch basin's are not optional. This site will get you started with drainage component's. Good luck.
So you are proposing a french drain system. I appreciate you taking the time out to look over my pics and put the drawing together. One question, what about the standing water in the rear corner?? You have the french drain running to the low spot and then exiting my property to the rear to the river rock on the other side of the fence? You propose exiting my property to the rear as opposed to the left side?

Also, when laying the perforated pipe, the slots in the pipe should face down correct?

Can i put topsoil (and grass) over the peagravel and conceal all of this (except for the catch basin of course)?

Thanks again for the help guys. Just looking for ideas and what you pros suggest before I call a couple of local guys and see what they have to say. I am an engineer, and mild OCD, I like to be informed before I drop major coin lol.
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