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Originally Posted by John From Florida View Post
Thanks DVF, and thanks for even mentioning having extra trimmers! I'm finding there are some incredibly nice people on this site.

Seeing all the responses and hearing stories of how others who got started were in my same position makes it seem doable.

My only concern now is doing what you did, only here in Florida. I've been hearing time and time again how cheap the market is here, people are offering services for as cheap as $10. That destroys the market.
Yea I hear ya. It's the same up here but I have found that people are willing to pay a little more to help a kid go through college, hopefully its the same for you. Just take it a week at a time and do a lot of walking door to door. I found that worked best for me. I tried leaving fliers on doorsteps but they sat there for weeks and I got no calls. It was only until I talked to people face to face and introduced myself that people became interested.
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