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Originally Posted by DVF Lawn Care View Post
Yea that makes sense. I almost didn't do it because of that reason. But it was that or door hangers which are fine too but when every other lawn care service also does door hangers you get a bunch piling up on your door step and I feel like nobody takes time to look through them. I found that the first 3 people that hired me weren't looking for a lawn service but when I talked to them they thought twice about it. Well, whatever you do good luck with it! Let us know how it goes!
Hey, thanks for the honest help! It's encouraging!

What do you think about creating an outstanding Craigslist ad? There's a guy on this site that apparently got his start through Craigslist only, and did very well with it as a sole means of advertising. The trick of course would be to create an ad that was different from all the rest. A person would have to be innovative.
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