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Originally Posted by turf hokie View Post

They all thank you, say how they werent aware of the facts I, and others, brought forward, will take it under consideration, and 15 minutes later vote any way....Why? because it has been discussed behind closed doors with a select few, they have already made their decisions.

I am a bit jaded on all these laws..especially when I view them just as political feathers for them to put in their hats. No real science behind the decision, expecially when they are unenforceable and they readily admit they are unenforceable, then what is the point of putting it on the books other than to garner a headline and perhaps a few votes in the next election???
there is zero chance of changing anything in this state ever, they will let you talk and discuss it till you are all blue in the face and then it gets passed anyway... every time...

very frustrating state.

just went thru a total fiasco with my property taxes in Jackson,
up 7% year over year- law is now 2% tops, WTF, township even voted it down cannot get an answer from anyone anywhere,
this state is a mess
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