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Originally Posted by electric View Post
Wow did you try calling walker tech support and explainig what is happening? Man this makes me happier about my purchase with my walker diesel in 2009!
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no i haven't talked to any one but my dealer and the guy that supplies all of MT's walkers. and u guys of course

They called me today saying that my walker has been fixed! been 1 week allmost to the hr I dropped it off. He said the guy worked on it for an entire evening trying to get it to pop that seal and finally got it to do it so I asked "how he'd he do it?"... the guy didn't ask....COME ON!! but he said that they put some insulation around the breather hose and cleaned some cooling fan on the engine(its air cooled.. but i may be missing somthing) and he also said that i had some dirty cooling fins on the bottom.. who doesnt. he also said that my problem is i would run it and then park it on the trailer and turn it off, i stopped him there and told him that i kept it running the hole day from the time it leaves till i get home at night. he still insisted that it was because of it cooling off on the drive.

so to recap the reasons it is blowing the seal is:
1: the breather hose is freezing cause i turn it off(i dont).
2:it had a dirty fan(why does that matter its -10? it doesn't break down in the summer it was over 80 for month and half didn't break)
3:dirty air fins

i may be missing somthing
i will be going up tomorrow to pick it up
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