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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
A minor point - "I" call a drain without pipe in it a "french" drain. Anything with pipe in it is a drain line. It doesn't matter for this conversation but it might in another situation.

That drawing isn't set in stone. It can be changed to fit any scenario. That is just a rough first draft.

You can put soil on top of a drain but, it (especially clay) will seriously impair the drainage.

I think you are thinking of this kind of pipe. - picture on the left.

This is the kind of pipe i am talking about. - picture on the right.
The perforations go all the way around the pipe on that. But if you were using rigid perforated pipe then yes you would put the hole's facing down.
No, Im with you, the pipe on the right was what I had in mind as well. I was under the impression thought that it was only slotted on one side.

And you say no soil on top? I have seen a bunch of videos on youtube with folks putting the soil/sod back on top to conceal the drain. Hmmm not sure my wife is going to be happy about peagravel trenches all over the yard.
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