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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
My buddy has a 120" bucket for his skid, we've trailered it 12 miles from his house to the one large property we do every "storm" there's been this year.
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Thats a big snow bucket! I see lots of people trailering skids and tractors around during storms but we don't have a flat bed float anymore, we only have the dump trailer. Which doesn't have drop axles so its high, getting the skid on is a pain without the 8 foot pusher, but now we gotta lift it over the sides, and we also can't lower back down because the trailer isn't wide enough. Which I think might be a ticket, because its sticking over the sides?

Originally Posted by LawnMan19 View Post
Liking the pics, I think I have the same snow shovel that you do.
The yellow one? I was kinda shovelling with one hand because of my fracture and the snow was light so I used that big one, its okay, doesn't scrape down that well.

Originally Posted by KPZ Enterprises View Post
ya sure has been a crazy ass winter....its 58 outside right now n supposed to be 62 tomarow...only good thing i guess is were getting other jobs done that we normally wouldnt be able to...but i can def. say id rather be plowing!
At least you have other work to keep you busy, we don't have much of that. I'm in school so that gives me something to do I guess.
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