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Originally Posted by tyslawnservice View Post
nothing new to report yet. didn't get the mower today. they where suppose to fix my parking break, they put a new hydro on the right side(it went out in july i think they fixed it under warranty, took over a week). i've told them about it sense they fixed it, so when i dropped it off i told them i wanted that fixed before i picked it up. talked to him last night and he didn't remember me saying any thing about it. so he said he'll have to call the guy up again and he'll have to go back over and work on it.

so if you haven't caught on: we our dealer doesn't have a mechanic on duty... a few years ago we had some drunk i'd have to take it to and get it worked on. then it was this guy that was 80 that would look at it in a few weeks. now we have a hi-school shop teacher that works on them when he gets a chance.

they also don't have rental walkers or walkers that u get when yours is in for warranty repairs. i'v even heard of some dealers (if its under warranty) come and pick it up for you and drop it off

so in short, i'm getting tired of my dealer. i know of 3 other companys that are as well
I know your frustration, I deal with the same worthless dealers around here. I would def find a new shop.
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