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Originally Posted by tyslawnservice View Post
not sure if this is the right place on this form for this topic.

So I got my new walker mower 26hp efi kohler command pro in dec of 2010 for the snow, i have the 47'' broom attachment for it.
I've had it out working probably half doz times now and it has blown the oil seal on the crankshaft 3 times, not the side with the pulleys but the side next to the muffler.
It has been in the shop under warranty repair 3 times now. This time i told them I wanted it fixed not just slide a new seal on and put me out the door.
This time they came up with a reason for it blowing the seal... a breather hose on the bottom of the engine is getting ice in it and creating pressure and blowing the seal... So they have put in a call to kohler that was Tues and this is Sat no word back sofar from any one. If the fix doesn't work this time I'm thinking of talking directly to walker and see what they can do for Me.

Oh the last time it blew, the walker was in a heated shop(and let it warm up for 10 min), I loaded it on the trailer, got to the first job and oil every where!!!!!!

has any one else had this problem? please let me know of any problems to look out for or a fix for this one
Walker wont do crap for you at least they dint for me
You can do this yourself in the oil fill cap take cap off put this breather where cap was
Just in winter time
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